What’s a Ghostwriter Anyway? And 5 Reasons Why You Need One

Here’s the problem: Your business is starting to take off (that is NOT the problem) and you no longer have time to write. You know you need regular fresh content on your website to keep building brand awareness and deliver useful info to your audience.

Who can you call?

A ghostwriter.   

Now, before you start thinking Mysterious writer in dark smoky room penning someone else’s novel, STOP, wait. Ghostwriters aren’t (all) like that.

A ghostwriter is basically a virtual media assistant. Paid to write content for you that you get to put your name on – and repurpose as you like. A ghostwriter is simply an extension of your media team or the freelancer in your back pocket when you’re staring at your Instagram page thinking ‘WTF to post next?’

Ghostwriters are hired to not only write blog posts, articles, eBooks and social media but also come up with fresh ideas. Now, you might be thinking ‘But isn’t that giving up control and who knows more about my business than I do?’ A quality ghostwriter works with you, working their magic on your ideas and delving deep into your business to capture just the right tone, style and brand voice. The right ghostwriter can make you look even better.

Here are 5 reasons why you need a ghostwriter . . . 

1. Time

Blogging for small business is a great way to drive traffic to the site and attract more customers – but it takes time. Hiring a ghostwriter to create your web content frees up time for you to focus on the business of the business. Instead of devoting hours to generating blog ideas, researching topics and keywords and the actual writing, you can spend that time getting on with what You do. Ghostwriters are used to working to tight deadlines so you can expect a fast turn-around. That means no more relying on a team member to write your content – if and when there’s time.

2. Quality

Ghostwriters are professional writers so you can expect clean copy that’s error-free and ready to publish. If you’re considering finding your ghostwriter in a cheap-as-cheap content ‘factory’, just be careful you don’t buy the kind of content you’ll have to rewrite. That would be a waste of time and money. You might be tempted to write your own content (how hard can it be?) but remember, you’re ideally looking to publish content that’s clickable, irresistible and most importantly sharable.  Ghostwriters are onto trends (and they’ll have SEO tricks too).

3. SEO

You might not understand SEO, but your ghostwriter does. Utilising SEO strategies in your content is the best way to help people find you online. SEO applies to search engine trends, keyword analytics and search engine indexing. Basically – to boost your cred with Google. It’s not just about keywords and backlinks, it’s about quality content that’s sharable. A ghostwriter will create content is engaging, share-worthy and easily found online.

4. Fresh ideas

A ghostwriter is essentially a collaborator who will have fresh ideas for your blog and social media. They can also take your ideas and make them reader-friendly. A professional writer is paid to quickly understand and absorb what you do and enhance your messaging using just the right angles. They’ll know what content will work best for each of your platforms. If you have ideas for content but you’re not sure how to write in a way that will appeal to your dream customer – a ghostwriter can help.

5. Virtual media assistant

A ghostwriter works closely with a client like a virtual media assistant. They are hired like any other freelancer or contractor. They’re just not writing in their own name. They’re writing as YOU – and AS your brand. When you hire a ghostwriter, you’re no longer alone in content creation. If you pick the right writer, the more they get to know your business, the more they’ll have to offer you.

Ps; Can you tell we LOVE ghostwriting at Honey Content? We write for some pretty amazing and completely time-poor business owners. We base the work on confidentiality and a personal connection. You can contact wordstress Genevieve about ghostwriting here.

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