15 Instant Headlines For Lovable Listicles

If you’re stuck for blog ideas and you need to generate a month’s worth of blogging content fast – the listicle is your new BFF.

What’s a listicle?

‘Listicle’ is simply where ‘list’ meets ‘article’. They are easy to read and easy to write. Just like the How To they are hot right now because they offer bite-sized chunks of information quickly. Google gets over one BILLION searches a day. That’s a billion questions typed in by people looking for answers. Why not give them answers in an easy-read engaging way? That means great headlines. Don’t have time to brainstorm a bunch of headlines and listicle ideas? That’s okay, we’ve done it for you . . .  

Here are 15 Instant Headlines For Lovable Listicles for your business blog…

1) 7 Things I Stopped Doing To Grow My Business

2) My 9 Biggest Regrets On ….

3) 3 Simple Rules To ….

4) 13 Innovative Ideas For ….

5) 7 Industry Trends To Ignore

6) 9 Marketing Mistakes You Need To Stop Making Today

7) 5 Things Every Business Owner Needs To Master

8) 17 Things I Wish I Knew Before I ….

9) 9 Ways To Improve Your ….

10) 5 Myths About ….

11) 7 Steps To Creating A ….

12) 9 Signs It’s Time To ….

13) 3 Things I Learned From ….

14) 5 Marketing Tips You Wish You Knew Yesterday

15) The 10-Minute Fix To ….

That was just TOO EASY, right? Your next 15 blog posts are alllll sorted. Remember, odd numbers are best. Keep your paragraphs to about five sentences (max). Give each number a sub-headline. For best SEO, make sure your title headline has your keywords in it.

Get listing!

Ps; You got to the end of this listicle and you’re already listing reasons why you’re too busy to write a listicle? Uh huh. We are here for you.

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