How To Write A Cracker Christmas Email Newsletter

There’s just enough time to write a cracker Christmas email newsletter for your small business. And get back to online shopping…

You will need: An irresistible subject line, a personal touch and a heavy lifting Call To Action (heavy lifting like a sleigh).

Your Christmas email newsletter needs to stand out, sound sincere and SELL.

So, here are three simple steps to writing your Christmas email newsletter. And words to get you started (woohoo).

1. Email Subject Line

We’ve all read those email subject lines that make us instantly delete the email and the lines that make us smile. How to make a reader smile (and open the email)? Think of your audience and their pain points. They’ll be frazzled, exhausted, probably multitasking and scanning subject lines and deleting hard sell Christmas emails. Soooo . . . Arrest their attention so playfully they can’t NOT open your newsletter and read more. This is your brand’s chance to be playful and fun. If you can’t do it at Christmas, when can you?

Need some ideas and words to get you started?

Here goes with some cute and Christmassy ideas…

So, you’ve been naughty this year …

Sleigh your Christmas shopping with …

You have to take an elfie with our …

Presents for everyone on the nice list!

Be an angel this year and …

Santa wouldn’t want you to miss out….

All she wants for Christmas is …

Now to getting personal . . . Stats show a person’s favourite word is their own name and when it comes to email subject lines, the open rate backs this up. But automatically slotting in a person’s name isn’t enough. The language needs to be personal. Write casually, as if you are speaking directly to a friend. Use the words ‘You’ and ‘Your’. If you’re stuck, stats tell us ‘thank you’ is the most powerful two-word combination online. True!

Words to get you started…

Hey Laura, we’ve got your Christmas essentials

Holiday special! 20 % off to prove our love for you

Thank you for being here Laura!

Just thought I’d say thanks

Laura, this one is for you

Now, ‘Laura’ knows she’s one of many but it feels personal and, when it comes to copywriting, the feels are everything. She’s more likely to open the email and see what’s inside. A personal touch is from here to the North Pole better than writing Pre-Christmas sale on now. Uh huh.

2. Stay On Message

The bulk of the newsletter (the wordy bits) needs to capture your message – and not waffle on. Perhaps you are sending a ‘happy holidays’ message, thanking your clients for being there in 2019. Maybe you’re sending a yearly review of business achievements. Or, maybe your Christmas email newsletter is wrapped up in bows to SELL. Whatever your message, keep it short and clear. Resist getting caught up in Christmas colours and images or you’ll risk taking an accidental sleigh ride off brand. Stay On Brand. Stick to your brand colours, fonts and brand voice. Then add sparkle.

3. The heavy lifting Call To Action

You’ve connected with your inbox-weary reader and entertained them along the way, now take them where you want them to go with a clever Call To Action. Your CTA needs to do some serious lifting (like, a whole sleigh of stuff) so don’t end your newsletter with a ‘Shop now’ CTA. Because boring. If your subject line and newsletter were fun and playful then your CTA needs to match that perfectly. Think personal, dynamic and straight to the good stuff.

Words to get you started…

Yes! I want my Christmas special

Shop Santa’s favourites

Get it before Christmas

Our gift: 20% off

Yes! I want one

Shop our bestsellers

Your holiday look

If you’re simply wishing your clients a happy Christmas then your CTA might simply be an invitation to stay connected in 2020. Don’t forget to remind your clients and readers what your product or service can do for them next year…

Your CTA might be …

Let’s talk 2020

Send me the freebies!

Make me over!

Oh, I NEED this 2020!

Be playful, make it personal and give your Christmas newsletter a CTA that takes your reader exactly where you want them to go next.


Ps; has all this talk of emails got you thinking about an email marketing campaign for 2020? Let’s plot and plan together. Contact us here.

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