How To ‘Re-set’ Your Social Media For Better Mental Health

Wait a sec – scrolling is fun, right?

Noooo. Even Facebook admits social media puts your emotional wellbeing at risk.

Anxiety, depression and low self-esteem are all linked to our scrolling habits and the more time we spend on social media, the worse we feel.

So maybe it’s time we changed our scrolling habits with our own wellbeing in mind. That means detoxing all the people and pages from your feed that make you feel bad about yourself. How about creating an online world that brings you JOY. Imagine.

Here’s how to re-set your social media for better mental health. . .


We sometimes forget who and what we follow on social media is completely optional. You wouldn’t spend time with people who make you feel crap about yourself in real time but most of us spend an odd amount of time with people we don’t actually ‘like’ online. Put your own self care first and shield yourself from the kind of posts that make you feel anxious, insecure and irritated. Next time you’re scrolling through your feed ask yourself ‘How does the person or page make me feel?’ Sick of all that ‘humble bragging’ on Instagram? UNFOLLOW. Don’t be afraid to delete, block, mute and unfollow in order to design an online world that makes you feel good.Follow the people and pages that help and inspire you and connect you to online communities that add value to your online experience. Remember, it’s all optional. You can design your online world – rather than simply turning up for the noise.

Remove the apps from your phone

If all your social platforms are right there at your fingertips it’s tempting to check on them while waiting for real life things to happen. The average person reportedly checks their phone 150 times a day – and having the apps right there in front of you has a lot to do with that (especially if you have notifications on). If you can’t bring yourself to delete the apps, at least turn off notifications letting you know every time a person likes or comments on a post. Let. It. Go.

Put a time limit on social media

More stats: The average person spends 135 minutes a day on social media. That’s five or ten minutes here, there and, well, everywhere – distracting us from real life moments. And our relationships. So, no matter how beautiful our feeds are, they’re still taking us away from life and that’s not so great for our mental health. Last year, Facebook announced it would introduce tools to help users manage their time on Facebook and Instagram. The tools will be called ‘Your Time On Facebook’ and ‘Your Activity’ in the settings page of Instagram. Facebook’s David Ginsberg says “We developed these tools based on collaboration and inspiration from leading mental health experts and organisations… We want the time people spend on Facebook and Instagram to be intentional, positive and inspiring.”

Hmm, inspiring. Intentional. Remember, it’s meant to be fun. It’s not meant to dictate your mindset or f*ck with your self worth.

Make conscious choices about what you absorb online. Your mental health will thank you.

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