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Does this sound right? The 3- Step Word Check

You’re JUST about to press Share and suddenly you’re thinking ‘Does this sound right?’ You have that uneasy feeling you might be missing an opportunity. That your caption is such an under-share you may as well be hiding in the backyard (in a digital sense). Or, it’s so info-heavy it’s borderline white paper. Uh huh.

Don’t worry.

If you’re writing a caption for social media and it isn’t sounding right, it probably just needs to be humanised, checked for brand voice and given some intention.

Here’s how to do it using the 3-Step Word Check…

Step 1: Pass the Chatting With A Friend test

Social media is the ‘Oh, hi!’ of all your business communication. It needs to be casual, friendly, social. When you read your caption out loud, does it sound like you’re chatting with a friend? If it sounds formal or even a smidge like a sales pitch – delete it. Now, write as you speak.

Words to get you started…

Guys! How about our …

This one is for You …

Love … too?

Never did we ever …

We’re thinking … and … for the weekend.

Step 2: Use your brand voice

Brand voice is the style of language you use across your website and social media. It’s the tone. Your brand voice might be warm and friendly. Or it might be uplifting and empowering. Maybe yours is ambitious and professional. Your brand voice is oh-so important because your audience wants to make an emotional connection with you. If your brand voice is consistently warm and personal and suddenly out of nowhere you post a third person info-based caption they’ll be thinking ‘Whaaaaat? Who is talking now??’

You don’t want that.

Step 3: Ask yourself What’s In It For THEM?

What’s in it for your audience? This is suuuuch a vital question. Why does this post matter? What will readers and customers get out of this? Your business page posts should serve your audience in an authentic way – answer their questions, give tips and tricks, share and inform (without selling) and invite them to know you and connect. With such saturation and noise online, your social media needs to go deeper – and give more.

How to create something for THEM…

Solve a problem.

Share more about the people behind your product.

Ask a question.

Share your creative process.

Give them what you already know they want – check the most popular posts in your feed, and give them more.

Invite them to love what you love.

Inspire them with great quotes and images.

Offer an insight into how you run your business, your challenges and then ask them what they are facing too. Think; connect.

Ps; Still not sure? Like us to fix your captions? Wait, how about we just write them for you! Contact us here.

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